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A very special style

“Moke-up art” is the activity to reproduce an object in decreased or increate scale, emphasizing the colors, shape and volumes. Michela Gazziero has always been fascinated by Surrealism and Fantastic Realism, produce handmade works, born from close observation of the details. The softness of the paper, seems to live in her hands. Big Flowers and Miniatures of design all made of paper, become real sculptures thanks to the power and precision that she gives in gestures. A magical world, elegant and sophisticated. Her eccentric spirit has taken more and more philosophy, turn into a real profession over the years.


Born in Bologna, she get closed to the artcraft/artistic world since her childhood alongside her parents. She studied Architecture at the Faculty of Architecture in Florence University. She gradueted at Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna and she get a Master’s Degree in History and Conservation of Art at the Conservation and Cultural Heritage Faculty of Bologna University. Attracted by the conservative, innovative and cultural side of art, it became part of herself. His passion, leads her to work in the most prestigious and cutting-edge design store of Bologna, the family store GIANPAOLOGAZZIERO, growing in constant contact with this world. The binding almost unknown between the conservation and design objects, allows her to get in touch with Triennale Design Museum in Milan, working for Triennale Design Museum, where design plays a very important role in the concept of contemporary culture. In January 2018 she opened her Paper Design Atelier where idea flourish.


Creative Passion

Due to her artistic path, her love of research is instinctive and endless. She has always had a strong interest in materials, shape and colors to match for new subjects. A spontaneous feeling to a new model and new ideas will surprise you every time. From good ideas born workshops as “Miniature di Carta” with Fabriano and Triennale Design Museum in 2013, “Valigia Intergenerazionale” in 2015 with Triennale Design Museum Foundation, Achille Castiglioni Foundation, Franco Albini Foundation, Vico Magistretti Foundation working all together and workshops for NABA the New Accademy of Fine Arts in Milan “Moke Up Art” in 2018 and “Un Fiore in valigia” in 2019. For her works she has great assistants and source of inspiration, Puppi and Minni her two cats and Leggs her spanish greyhound.