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Ortensia is a sculpture that behaves like a painting, it is large, it is three-dimensional, but very light.

It is finished with a hook that allows you to choose whether to hang Ortensia on the wall with a simple pin

or fix it on a painter’s easel (€ 40,00 to be purchased separatly) making it a very light free standing work, free to be moved every time to a different place in the house.

Ortensia is made of a fiber called the Pacific fabric. It is a paper fabric, it is a precious fabric because it is made by hand. Ortensia is composed of an iron structure and paper fabric, that I paint with non-toxic water colors and I give it shape.

Light source: Led current warm white color 3000k.

-Led certificates
-Not editable
-Low energy consumption
-Low voltage, 24 volts for the entire length
of the apparatus, thanks to a transformer that
located in contact with the electrical outlet.
-No overheating of the light a
contact with the material.

Each specimen:
– Comes with a certificate of guarantee andautographed authenticity, which explains how it comes
made, by whom and how to clean it.
– It is finished with the signature made in iron.
-It is a unique piece visibly made by hand, while maintaining the same production characteristics and dimensions,
the slight differences between the various specimens are appreciable.
-It is made personally by checking each step its quality.

The materials used are chosen according to the criteria of safety and quality that meet the characteristics of being an object safe and long lasting. The object is very consistent, easy to use,
place and clean.

design year: 2007

material: paper fabric

color: Ortensia is made up of many flowers joined together in a group creating a hemisphere. Every single flower has shaded petals in the chosen shade. It is possible to agree to obtain the realization of Ortensia in the shade of color you want.

dimensions: group of flowers diameter 110 cm. + leaf and stem.

590,00 €