Paper Flowers
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Paper Flowers

Michela Gazziero’s flowers were created for the first time in 2001, for the windows of the best design shop in Bologna, GIANPAOLOGAZZIERO. They are totally handmade and with love. Like a magical flower stylist, a special art model maker, using only high quality materials, she creates flowers that show colors even in the dark, which light up to remind you that you have a soul.

In each specimen, slight variations in shape, color and design are appreciable, as each creation is unique, properly curated to complete your life for a long time. Their spirit is delicate, but if kept with care, they are very long-lasting and their shape has the characteristic of being able to be revived with a simple touch, whenever there is a need.

They are made of a fiber called “the fabric of the Pacific”. It is a precious paper because it is obtained by hand, giving the sensation of touching a fabric. It is soft, shiny and delicate just like silk, in fact (the silkworm feeds exclusively on mulberry leaves) like the precious fabric, it comes from the branches of the Mulberry plant. Broussonetia Papyrifera, a plant native to Asia used as early as the sixth century in China to make sheets, flags, turbans and cloaks. In Asia this tree is sacred and guarded for its precious product.

From Asia via Polynesia to Europe, paper fabric has always been a material used to make artifacts that pass on history, tradition and culture. Even for its large flowers it is like that, they are giants made soft by the Pacific fabric, dyed and shaped by his hands. They pass on in themselves the meaning and value of sustainability and of the “totally handmade”, transmitting with simplicity the great strength of the image typical of “Made in Italy”.